FROGPRINCE CARD for the new year is available here!
All events run regularly this week, drop-in and £5 per adult:
TUESDAY from 10am DREAMCATCHER Crystal Palace SE19 1RX
and 3pm THE HERNE TAVERN East Dulwich SE22 0RR WEDNESDAY 10 and 11am HACKNEY CITY FARM Haggerston E2 8QA
and at 3pm at SURREY DOCKS FARM Rotherhithe SE16 5ET THURSDAY THE BRIDGE 10 & 11am East Greenwich SE10 0LB FRIDAY at STEPNEY CITY FARM 10 and 11am Stepney E1 3DG
Coming Soon: Stoke Newington class
Frogprince Baby Music ENTER
all sessions are drop-in, admission is £5 per adult, siblings go free For any request of information please get in touch Stefano 07554081295 or
for live updates follow on facebook, twitter or instagram